All over her 35 years of career, Cristina Schleder has been showing and representing nature. The techniques used in this journey eventually enabled the realization of her unconscious. Its reflection is shown in the whole of her work. The symbiosis moved on reflecting her personal trajectory. Her career began in painting. Through acrylic paint on canvas, she geometrically constructed her representation on how she felt nature.  Each shape, with its color and meaning, told a story carrying the artist claims and troubles. Resins based on soil and sand, developed by the artist, started to be introduced in her painting. After that she has brought the application of organic materials.

At the same time, in this period, she was art director of the Brazilian “Interview Magazine” for 8 years. She also designed furniture, clothing and jewelry. She made set design and costumes.

The three-dimensionality in her work happened when Cristina separated in multiple canvas the various areas that constituted her painting. From there on, the works started to permit endless clusters, also composed by the addition of different volumes of the canvas.

In 2000 she plunged into collage, paper on paper.  A technique in which she is involved up to now. In that same year she wrote the book “The Phoenix”, published the following year.

Five years ago photograph came up as another form of expression, which ended up with the publication of the book “The Flying Carpets of the Atlantic Forest”.

In this work she repeatedly uses what she calls the photo/matrix and joins them rebuilding thus, a new image. It can be said that also here, there is the collage work.