Marco Tamburro was born in Perugia 1974. In 1994 he graduated in architetture and forniture at Art Institute of his city. In the same year he moved to Milan, where he comes onto contact with the environment artistic Milan, attended the Academy of Fine Arts in Brera, corsican scenery and started as an assistant collaboration of several photographers and set designers. This choice is not casual.

In Marco Tamburro is already matured interest in the wide spaces of the theater, in which take shape and come alive. through his visionary creative imagination, imposing pictorial panels.

Of the painting fascinated her great expressive power that performs a vital role in being able to traslate visual images among communicative.

The real artistic Marco Tamburro happens in Rome, both with regard to the archievement of a comprehensive master painting, and for the recognition and appreciation received at work. Here, indeed, fits in a few years in the "jet set" artistic Roman attends important critics and gallery owners, showing in various galleries and participating in numerous collective with young emerging artists.

The cultural environment Roman rises to the artist involved in knowing how to tell through his deeds the most real and even paradoxical of daily life, a life not lived, in wich the common man in the vortex leaves drag its incessant and frenetic rhythms, losing sight of the long flowing too fast and powerless in the face all mankind, without being able to grasp the meaning of small things around him and that is living.

This applause and receiving consent from collecting and the art market, has meant that galleries and public institutions are increasingly interested in his work and spread with major exhibitions and publications on the most important Italian magazines.

Among the more important Italian exhibits were Venice Biennale, Macro Rome, Castel dell' Ovo in Naples, Palazzo Penna Perugia, Palazzo Medici Florence, Palazzo Frisacco Udine. Emerges in the foreign market with exhibitions in Miami, New York, Sao Paulo, Brazil, China, Monaco, Munich, London and Berlin.

Letters, art critics and representatives of the world of art as an Renato Civello, Vito Riviello, Enzo Santese, Maurizio Sciaccaluga, Barbara Martusciello, Ennio Calabria, Floriano De Santis, Luca Beatrice, Antonio Arevalo, Gianluca Marziani and others who have defined the work of Marco Tamburro as personal and effective in with rapresent cynical punctuality, the annulment of identity that substance contemporary age.