Tommaso Ottieri was born in Naples in 1971. He studied Architecture at the Federico II University of Naples and at the Robert Gordon School of Architecture of Aberdeen (UK). In 1998 he establishes the Architectural studio MERO, Palazzo Montemiletto, Naples, together with Pietro Renna. During that same year he achieves a Master’s Degree in Executive Planning in Bio-architecture at the Faculty of Architecture of the University Federico II of Naples. He moves to Santorini and lives there two years working as an architect and opens a Painting workshop in Oia.
He later begins to exhibit paintings in small galleries in Naples. Inspired by the classical artist-architects, he strives to follow their example.
His paintings are opulent cityscapes and buildings, modern as well as historical ones, in bright red, blue and gold yellow tones. His works aim to achieve an expressive and emotional quality.
His work is driven by the desire to aesthetically shape his environment, to actively influence his surroundings, to take part in it.
In 2003, Ottieri had his first big show, and started working with galleries in Italy and abroad. He subsequently participated in exhibitions and art fairs in Italy, Spain, Germany, France, Greece, Russia, UK, USA, Switzerland and Turkey. He lives and works in Rome and Naples.